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is a revolutionary new product line that stylishly affixes to your cellular phone. The oval-shaped ZEROFON "bug" is designed to be easily attached and continues to function for years.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, is "a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the body." SAR is expressed in terms of watts per kilogram. For a phone to be sold in the US, it must be 1.6 SAR or less, according to FCC regulations.

The SAR of most cellular phones ranges between .109 and 1.6 watts per kilogram. SAR can be reduced by limiting the amount of Radio Frequency (RF) energy absorbed by the body. ZEROPA products have been shown in scientific studies to reduce the electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body, reducing the SAR of cellular phones by up to 29%.

Cellular phones emit electromagnetic radiation in the form of Radio Frequency (RF) waves. The main source of RF energy is produced through a cellular phone's antenna. Affixing ZEROFON near the antenna of your phone reduces the amount of RF energy absorbed by the body.

All Zeropa brand products are composed of a patented conductive ceramic material which studies have shown absorbs electromagnetic radiation. The patented ceramic material is specially formulated from a variety of metal oxides, which when combined and sintered at 1600 degrees celsius produce a material with a unique absorptive quality.

Certain materials are capable of selective absorption of very high-frequency radio waves. This is because the materials nuclei have at least one unpaired proton or neutron and act like tiny magnets. When a strong magnetic field acts on such nuclei, it sets them into precession - a unique pattern specific to magnetic materials. When the natural frequency of the precessing nuclear magnets corresponds to the frequency of the external radio wave striking the material, energy is absorbed by the nuclei at a frequency called the resonant frequency. The energy, which is in turn produced by the nuclear magnet is infrared energy.

Scientists differ in their opinions as to whether cellular phone use is harmful. While studies have shown an increased prevalence of cancerous tumors, evidence tying the tumors to cellular phone use is not definitive. We encourage you to make your own decision. Visit our library to read articles from all sides of the discussion.