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Composed of Zeropa's patented ceramic compound, ZEROCOM aggressively reduces electromagnetic radiation produced by laptop computers. ZEROCOM are larger “bugs” which can be affixed to laptop computers or simply placed adjacent to the keyboard during use.

Simply place ZEROCOM near your laptop's wireless antenna. ZEROPA products are patented (ref: BM502F).

All Zeropa brand products are composed of a patented conductive ceramic material which studies have shown absorbs electromagnetic radiation. The patented ceramic material is specially formulated from a variety of metal oxides, which when combined and sintered at 1600 degrees celsius produce a material with a unique absorptive quality. This highly innovative and technically complex material has undergone research studies in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Korea and China

Certain materials are capable of selective absorption of very high-frequency radio waves. This is because the materials’ nuclei have at least one unpaired proton or neutron and act like tiny magnets. When a strong magnetic field acts on such nuclei, it sets them into precession - a unique pattern specific to magnetic materials. When the natural frequency of the precessing nuclear magnets corresponds to the frequency of the external radio wave striking the material, energy is absorbed by the nuclei at a frequency called the resonant frequency. The energy, which is in turn produced by the nuclear magnet is infrared energy.