Zeropa resellers are carefully selected. We seek innovative retailers who are committed to offering new and healthy products and have a reputation for excellent customer service. To be a Zeropa reseller you must have a retail store. Zeropa prides itself on being unique in the marketplace and offers our resellers a great opportunity to make excellent margins on our products. To complete the process of becoming a Zeropa reseller please contact us by completing this form.

Zeropa Resellers are invited to take advantage of our Retail Display program which provides incentives for the purchase of in-store P.O.P. displays with the purchase of our ZEROFON products. The ZEROFON Display pictured below accommodates 80 units at a time. This display may be converted into a self-standing floor display. Standard orders provide for product of a variety of colors and patterns. You may let us know if you would like to receive a particular color or pattern in specific quantities. Consider imprinting your store’s logo on a ZEROFON as a corporate gift.