Corporate Gifts
ZEROFON can be customized with your corporate or brand logos. The ZEROFON “bugs” offer a unique gift to your customers and prospects. ZEROFON is an effective corporate gift because it (1) provides an unrivaled reduction in radiation, (2) remains within your clientele’s frequent view at times when they have their phone handy, (3) becomes a permanent feature of your clientele’s most important social and work life accoutrement--their phone, and (4) is very inexpensive.

At trade shows and conferences, ZEROFON will attract customers to your booth because it is revolutionary, attractive and trend-setting. ZEROFON not only connects your company to a high-tech solution which prevents radiation, it also provides persistent reminders of your brand when your customers access their cellular phones.

  • Spiderman
  • Batman
  • Starbucks
  • CoApprovel
  • Fila
  • The Coffee Bean
For example purposes only. Not for sale. All rights reserved to the respective trademark owners

Additional Services: can wrap your custom imprinted ZEROFON in Custom printed wrapping paper conveying the premium nature of the gift and reinforcing your corporate message. can also include your product insert or brochure (sized to fit our packaging) in our box. Speak with an agent for details and pricing. Allow 2-3 weeks for production.